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4 Reasons to Avoid Free IPTV Services at All Costs

Most of the youngsters prefer to stream their favorite program instead of watching it on a TV in a traditional way. The VOD or video on demand aspect of streaming services, paid as well as unpaid services, makes them a perfect choice. With the IPTV or Internet Protocol Television, you can now watch whatever you want and whenever you want to. You can binge watch your favorite shows or catch up with the latest releases. Many people who prefer streaming the shows, don’t go for the paid subscription services. Sure, a free IPTV service sounds like a dream come true, but it comes with a metaphorical cost. There are many risks to avoid the free IPTV services. Read on to know more.

  1. Your data is tracked nonetheless

The use of VPN is to become anonymous and avoid your data from being tracked and gathered by the websites you visit. Running a VPN costs a lot of money. The providers who are willing to provide you a free service, require a way to make money. This works in two ways:

  1. You will see adverts all over everywhere you look
  2. Your data is being sold to the third parties.

Using a free VPN in order to access the free IPTV means that you will be seeing a lot of adverts or your data will be sold to the third parties.

  1. Your computer is vulnerable to hackers

The connections which are helpful to provide you with the free IPTV services and free VPNs, leave your digital devices open and vulnerable to hackers. Accessing an unprotected connection in order to use the streaming services means that you are welcoming the hackers to hack your device. The RapidIPTV Premium service has all its protocols in place that the free streaming services and VPNs are far from offering to you.

  1. The ads will slow your streaming speed

Apart from making money from the crazy number of ads when using a free online streaming website, they also impact the streaming performance and speed. The load time is quite long and the video could stop halfway through the buffer as more ads tend to load.

  1. You are risking harmful malware

Now as your device is vulnerable to the hackers, malware can easily be installed in your system and track every activity you do, even offline. To stop this, you have to simply stop using the streaming service. A simple malware has the capacity to copy your sensitive information like credit card credentials etc. Hackers can easily collect this data and would misuse it.

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