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Amazing Services of Sky TV in Portugal

Sky has emerged as one of the most popular and unique kind of digital television platform in UK, with a strong count of seven million households and around 17.5 million viewers, which is increasing regularly. Sky boasts of being a great platform, for it offers more than 100 varied kinds of channels, including entertainment, kids, sports, news and music, with choices of High Definition channels, as well. What’s great is the fact that Sky services are transmitted via satellite, instead of cable, which is why their services can be accessed over a large geographical area and in many countries. If you are thinking how to watch Sky TV in Portugal, you have reasons to be happy as you can avail their services here.

What to know about Sky?

Most people in UK know Sky for being one of the most transparent and genuine services around, and their digital satellite system offers access to their services. With the box, you will be getting an on-screen guide that’s customized and the choice to access over 100 channels, including TV and radio channels that are not under subscription. If you have purchased the box and don’t want to invest in the card right away, this is still okay as their box offers access to many channels that are available for free viewing.

Getting services in Portugal

If you are in Portugal, you will need at least 180 cm dish to get the right Sky TV signals from Astra 2D satellite. This is, however, dependent on a number of things, mainly the location and need for reasonable reception. For example, people in island of Madeira would need at least 300 cm dish to get the right level of stable reception. Keep in mind that weather conditions can have an impact on viewing, so it is best to choose the recommended dish size. There are some great websites, where you can find the list of cities where you can access Sky TV services. Check if your city is on the list and call the local installation company for all further details.

Payment for services

Most people who have not used Sky consider its services to be expensive, which isn’t the case. They have varied kinds of entertainment packages, which may or not include premium channels, based on what you choose. However, if you want to see the HD channels, you would need a HD TV and an extra charge for the HD channels. The channels that are offered in the packages are same as channels in UK, and there are choices of both free and subscription channels. The payments that you have made will show as Sky cards, and you can review the packages every month before you buy. As expected, this gives you the best possible flexibility as needed.

With so many advantages, you have every reason to opt for Sky services in Portugal. Their reception and channel section are epic, and they do allow you to choose between some well-designed packages and options.

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Steve Rose is a professional blogger and author with a keen interest in television tech. He is often known for his unique sense of writing and practical tech tips.

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