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Five Features That You Need For Perfect Packaging

Often people wonder whether the perfect packaging box really exists or not. Marketing professionals will give plenty of exposure to your product through promotional campaigns but the first impression is obtained, when the when the product reaches the consumers in appropriate packaging. Therefore, the real customer relationship starts with the packaging box.

Custom packaging guide for ecommerce stores is given in this short summary for you to get an idea of how a perfect packaging needs to be.

  • Its must be eye catching

Your packaging box must have “wow” factor, so that your customer feels excited to receive it. This doesn’t mean that it should be very colorful and made from some expensive material. Your packing should be no doubt very attractive but at the same time it must be simple, too. One can surely make it look like any attractive package, all that you need is to use your creativity to design a striking packet.

  • It must be durable

Durable packing is one of the greatest challenges in the packaging industry. Most of the cardboard boxes that are available are not only very light but also quite durable. However, you must also consider the shape and weight of the product that you are going to put inside the packet. For smaller products, any mailer box can be a good choice but if the product needs special treatment then you need to customize the box. Make sure that product and the box matches well.

  • It conveys the message of you company brand

You can consider your packing box as a means of communicating with the customer. If you are for eco-friendly approach then reflect that in your brand message. If you are in fashion business then reflect that in your packing box. The whole point is that customer must know in what business you are and what are you going to provide them.

  • It keeps your product secured

This is yet another important feature that perfect packing box must have. Your customer must receive your product in perfectly safe condition. Nobody likes to get their shipment including damaged goods. Therefore, you must design your box such a way that it can easily bear the weight and keep your item well protected.

  • It is easy to unpack

Your customer will really get irritated if he finds it too complicated to open the packing. Packing box should be so designed that it can be opened very easily and the customer should able to repack the item on same package if he wishes to.

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