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How to Manage Your Corporate Photography Business Like a Pro?

Some photographers are pretty excited to begin a photography business simply because they love creating images. If that sounds like you or rings a bell, believe us, you can save a lot of time, heartbreak, and a fortune by just giving away your images for free of cost. If you are not centered on the photography business, then skimp on it. If giving away your images for a cost, will add more gold to your income. We have listed some phases and some rules to be followed by a corporate photographer to deem his business successful. Read on, pay heed to it, and thank us later.

Phase one

Building confidence

When your business is at a startup phase, a blooming professional would be willing to test the waters to check if people are really seeking value in their work. They give away their work for the sake of getting their name in the business and establish a portfolio.

Phase two

The transition

Once a photographer has gained some level of confidence and starts to face the workload of a booming business, they themselves feel that they should start charging people for their work. This is often a critical point that will help in ascertaining the long term success or a failure of the photography business. While some can enlighten themselves of the nuances of running a business, the rest keep an eye on their competitors to determine their next step. They compare their work to them, imitate their pricing structure and discount enough in order to compensate for the quality difference. Photographers are humble people. They usually don’t raise the prices more than their counterparts so, the price drops down until no one is able to pay themselves. This downward spiral is deemed as oblivion.


  • Make sure you are investing enough time in this business. Time is money. If you can manage to work on a limited time with a modest budget, great! Always place constraints on time and money so as to be more efficient during work hours and spend your money productively for the sake of your business.

  • The moment you begin with the business, always charge the people. Giving away photos for free is a financial disaster and starting off a wrong foot. As the time will pass, you will learn the ropes of the business and will charge accordingly.

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