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Plastic Laundry Trucks: Are you Getting the Highest Quality Kind?

Laundry trucks play an important role in your laundry business. But to get the most out of your laundry trucks, you need to pick the use the ones that meet the needs of your business. Read on to know some important things when buying laundry trucks:

Plastic Laundry Trucks

Plastics are not created equal. Every kind of plastic material confers various characteristics to the trucks. While the majority of laundry trucks feature polyethylene plastic, the material is available in many kinds to suit various applications and products. Options include:

  • Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE). This features a higher resistance to puncture and more bendable flexibility than other types. However, it stretches out under high temperatures and stress.
  • Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE). This provides bendable flexibility and is resistant to direct impacts and cold temperatures.

  • High density polyethylene (HDPE). This boasts high strength and rigidity. It is resistant to cracks and corrosion.

To meet light-duty linen handling needs, laundry trucks may be molded using fiberglass or any of the plastic materials above. But, heavy-duty linen handling requires significant rigid and strong trucks to maintain their sidewalls stiff and straight without warping if loaded to their full capacity.

Evaluating the Molding Quality in Laundry Trucks

Choosing plastic laundry trucks molded in precision will help you reap the benefits of plastic laundry trucks. If you have been in the laundry business for a while, you may have knowledge of how to check whether your trucks’ sidewalls bow out when loaded fully. This is a visible way to check the quality of a laundry truck. However, you may not know the significance of a consistent wall thickness throughout the truck’s body since you cannot see this. In case the molder was not able to use enough plastic material, utilizes worn out tooling, or mixes substandard material, there will be an uneven distribution of the plastic material, causing other portions to be thinner than the rest. The thinner areas make weak spots that can make the truck fail. Laundry trucks that fail because of a wall collapse or breakdown can lead to risky situations. Although it is not easy to see these weak spots, they may be revealed as lighter or translucent discoloration, depending on the truck’s color.

Because there is so much more to laundry trucks than the size, shape, and material of construction, it makes sense to have prior knowledge of what you are getting before you make a purchase. Think about testing the truck in the laundry plant or test some of them at the same time.

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