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The Importance of Asbestos Awareness Training

Asbestos was banned as a material that could be used within any construction in the UK in 1999, but due to the decades of use prior to that date, many buildings and structures in the country still have the material present. Asbestos is a potentially dangerous substance, and for those people who come into contact with it, breathing in asbestos fibres that have been disturbed could lead to a long-term, and potentially life-threatening illness that might not manifest symptoms for many years or decades to come.

Understanding asbestos as a material, the locations and structures where it might be present, the potential dangers of being exposed to asbestos, and the types of asbestos-related illnesses, such as mesothelioma, is a priority for many different types of professions. Finding an asbestos awareness course which is suitable for your business, employees and the types of work that are undertaken should be a vital aspect of your business plan at various points.

Asbestos risk awareness training should encompass how to identify and remove asbestos materials safely from a property. A licenced professional should always undertake this type of work, as they will understand how to remove asbestos without causing potential problems for individuals present in the building.

Although it was banned in 1999, asbestos was mainly used within the construction of housing and within industrial and manufacturing sectors prior to the 1970s. It was a cheap and malleable construction material, and as it is small in nature it was often used as a cost effective way for companies to add strength and rigidity to a structure. Due to the nature of how asbestos was used, it can be difficult to now identify materials that may contain asbestos, unless it has been clearly marked as such.

In some cases, asbestos once identified can be left as is (though this is rare in recent years), or it can be repaired with delicacy and care. In the majority of cases, if asbestos and asbestos-related materials can be removed without causing damage to the structure of a property it is always advised that it is safely removed by certified professionals.

An awareness course provides an introduction to the dangers of working with asbestos, and should be a key component for the training of property developers, electricians, engineers, joiners and carpenters, construction workers, architects and designers, and other roles within construction and engineering or property development. An awareness course helps employers comply with the law and regulations relating to asbestos.

It is important that if there is an area of a property that may contain asbestos, that workers understand that they are to wear appropriate protective clothing at all times, including masks so as to not breath in asbestos fibres. Awareness of asbestos will also help workers understand the process of moving asbestos in a safe and secure manner, without disturbing the fibres in a way that exposes other people in the immediate vicinity to the dangers of asbestos. Thorough training courses relating to the safe working around asbestos and asbestos-related materials will limit the exposure and potential deadly nature of asbestos fibres to those working within reach of asbestos and in industries and properties where it is likely to be present.

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