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The Importance of Grading CO2 Gas When in Use

We always keep innovating our technology and services for our customers. And this very part of the innovation comes with a question that how much gas should be used or what concentration of CO2 is needed. These questions are important to consider in every application that supplements with CO2. And the most common question that arises from the co2 suppliers near me is that what grade of CO2 should be used. There are many kinds of grades or purities of CO2 that are produced and used.

Here is the chart listing for CO2 purity in descending order.

Grade Purity
Research 99.999
Supercritical fluid 99.998
Laser 99.95
Anaerobic 99.95
Beverage 99.9
Food 99.9
Bone dry 99.8
Medical 99.5
Industrial 99.5

The biggest distinction between them is grades and the amounts and types of impurities that are present in CO2. If you ascend the list, the impurities such as ammonia, benzene, carbon monoxide, oxygen and others are lessened. As nobody intends to use benzene or ammonia, these are very dangerous when working with lasers.

The grading for 99.90 percent is not mandated by the FDA. It lets for the .09 percent of the gas to be composed of other hydrocarbons. Industrial applications such as welding use 99.5 percent pure CO2. This is because the process is heating very fewer impurities.

What do we suggest?

Whether you are using CO2 for business or application purposes, consult your co2 suppliers near me and ask them what grade or purity of CO2 is being delivered to you, ask them for the certificate that verifies the purity. If your supplier is good, he won’t be able to address those questions immediately, but will demonstrate the gas quality to you by any means. Never dare to settle for the purity that is less than what your application calls for. If you are uncertain of your gas quality consult the suppliers’ analysis. You can also take into consideration the water testing in your process as well. The brewers and vintners are well aware of the fact that water quality is as important as the final quality that is used in your process. As a matter of fact, hydrocarbons such as benzene are more likely to be present in the water during your process in the gas being put in use.

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