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Why hire excavators?

A compact excavator is a tracked or wheeled plant hire machine used in construction. Their usual operating weight ranges from 0.7 tonnes to 8.5 tonnes. Mini excavators have a standard backfill blade and an independent boom swing. Mini excavators are sometimes favoured in place of full-sized excavators when space is an issue on a construction site. On the other hand, full-sized excavators are heavier pieces of construction equipment that consist of a boom, dipper, bucket and cab on a rotating platform known as the “house”. While mini or compact excavators are favoured for construction jobs that have limited space, full-sized excavators are typically used when space and power isn’t an issue.

All excavators should be operated by licensed workers, who use the machine to dig or demolish on construction sites; depending on what is needed.


When you’re looking at hiring from a plant hire company for your excavator, you should look for younger machines. Younger machines (that are 3 years old or less) will be able to better take on a range of tougher jobs without the risk of breakdown; which you might experience with an older machine. Younger machines also have less wear and tear.

There are many benefits to hiring excavators:

1. An excavator is a versatile machine – it can be used for small home projects to huge infrastructure construction projects, and they are suitable as a compact digger as well as a long reach excavator, depending on whether you hire a mini excavator or a full-sized machine.

2. When you hire an excavator from a plant hire company, you aren’t just hiring a machine from them, you’re also gaining access to their knowledge and experience. Plant hire companies are experts in their industry, they understand a range of projects, and they’ll be able to help you decide whether or not you’re hiring the right piece of machinery for your project.

3. Hiring is cost efficient, of that, there is no doubt. Each job may be different, but what always remains the same is the tight control over your budget that you have to stick to. By hiring out excavators, rather than buying one, you can ensure that you are only paying for the time you need the excavator(s) that you hire.

4. Company versatility. Many plant hire companies offer all kinds of deals and contracts on the machines that they hire out. You could arrange a standing contract with a plant hire company which works out in your favour, financially, in the long run. By hiring with a company and using their services, you can get to know the faces behind the organisation and start to build a working relationship with them.

Hiring your excavators from a plant hire company means that you get the machinery you need, at a cost-effective price, from a company you can trust.

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